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Immunity Food Products Registration/Notification in Germany

Immunity food products containing curcumin (turmeric), moringa and elderberry supplements play a vital role in keeping the body’s immune system intact. Being one of the most effective species of the East India and Middle East, Curcumin (turmeric) offers multiple health benefits to the human body. Similarly, moringa provides super immune-boosting powers to the human body and elderberry provides the necessary anti-oxidants and vitamins to human immune system. In this on-going situation of Covid-19, the intake of Curcumin/Moringa/Elderberry supplements are essential for public to boost their immune systems. However, amid the disruptions of supply chain, ensuring that the demands of public are met is becoming a challenge.

To meet the rising demand of Curcumin/Moringa/Elderberry supplements and help public fight against Covid-19, you might be looking to market your product across the world, including Germany. In Germany, Curcumin/Moringa/Elderberry supplements are regulated as food supplements/dietary supplements under the food law as well as their specific legislation. Before placing a Curcumin/Moringa/Elderberry supplement in the market, manufacturers are required to notify them to the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL). If a product complies with all the quality requirements of the BVL, including product composition, then it can be notified to agency via an online portal.

Immunity Food Products – Freyr’s Regional Focus

In Germany, Freyr is well versed with Regulatory applications and interacting with the BVL. With local partners in Germany, Freyr can assist manufacturers with novel food application as per the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Commission (EC). Freyr can help manufacturers with compliance check of the novel product, label and claims and can assist you in preparing the product license application to be submitted to the BVL and follow up with them until approval is received. Freyr is specialized in:

  • Curcumin/Moringa/Elderberry Supplements registration/notification in Germany
  • Curcumin/Moringa/Elderberry Supplements market entry
  • Novel food supplements market entry
  • Novel food application and liaison as per the EFSA and the EC
  • Review of data to support the novel food application
  • Gap-analysis for food data
  • Evaluation of your label or labeling information for compliance
  • Review of immunity boosting claims
  • Design or develop artwork for Immunity boosters
  • Review or assess the product formula to identify the product category and to check the acceptability of all the ingredients in the product in line with the BVL
  • Suggesting mandatory, missing information and nutritional/supplemental facts or the corrections to be made on the label of the product as per the country specific regulations
  • Monitor compliance with the BVL including advising on general labeling and advertising issues, nutrition labeling, and evaluation of permissible claims (e.g., health claims, nutrient content claims, and structure-function claims)
  • Prepare and submit dossier for Curcumin/Moringa/Elderberry supplement notification/registration
  • Assist with devising a robust Regulatory pathway for your product

As a responsible Regulatory partner, Freyr has already started assisting clients to accelerate and fast track registrations/notifications of Curcumin/Moringa/Elderberry supplements in Germany.

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