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Global Registration of Defibrillator

In the current scenario of international health crisis, Defibrillator is considered as a few of the critical products to protect oneself and the society overall. Given the importance of defibrillator in fighting back COVID-19, there is a growing demand for such products among the health care professionals and the other segments of global population. To live up to the increasing demand, the need of the hour is to quickly develop and market defibrillator and build the global supply chains stronger than ever.

However, the key factor en-route is the products’ adherence to regional compliance standards. it’s important to do a prior compliance check to fast track the defibrillator’s global registration. As each country has its own Regulatory prerequisites for defibrillator’s classification, notification, licensing, and registration, at times, manufacturer’s compliance preparedness stands significant for quick health authority reviews and approvals. What if manufacturers are unsure of their targeted market’s regional Regulatory standards or procedures for the defibrillator registration?  

As a proven Regulatory partner for many global companies, and with a vast global presence and robust affiliate network, Freyr shoulders the responsibility of registering defibrillator globally in adherence with the regional compliance standards. 

Select your preferred country from the list and know more about Freyr’s country-wise Regulatory expertise for defibrillator.